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Homes for Sale in Goodyear, AZ

Among the many suburban cities that fill the West Valley portion of the Phoenix metro area, Goodyear stands first among its peers in terms of the blend of residential heritage and wonderful, modern residential neighborhoods. Living in a city like Goodyear, residents enjoy some of the best aspects that the metro has to offer.

The homes for sale in Goodyear, AZ give homebuyers the opportunity to join an inviting and thriving suburban city with a wealth of experiences to enjoy. Located in the plains just below the foothills of the Estrella Mountains, the homes in Goodyear offer stunning natural beauty to those who choose to invest in them.

The history of residential development in Goodyear begins in the early 1900s, at a time when the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company settled the area with workers for a cotton field that grew fiber for its tires. Goodyear’s excellent combination of location and scenery led quickly to the city’s expansion.

Less than 100 years after it was first settled, the Goodyear land was all but completely sold off for residential and commercial development, and the city came into its own. In the intervening years, Goodyear’s reputation as an ideal residential suburban area has only grown. The city even became the recipient of the National Civic League’s All-America City award.

The homes themselves that Goodyear offers span an array of different types and styles, as many different home builders have come to the city to fuel its growth. Architecturally, many of the city’s homes fall into a stylistic category that incorporates elements both of the Mediterranean and southwestern pueblos.

However, no matter the particular size or style of any one home, the aspect that brings all residences in the city together is the access the grant to this wonderful community.

In the years since its incorporation in the late 20th century, Goodyear has grown considerably, leading to a wealth of different neighborhoods from which to choose. Closer to Phoenix, the neighborhoods are more densely built and settled.

Farther out to the west, agricultural fields are interspersed with newly developed master-planned communities, giving the homes therein a sense of isolation and retreat from the big city.

The wide availability of land in the city means that real estate prices continue to be affordable, even the face of continued growth and development. Many of the city’s newest and largest homes are available for less than $300k, a stark contrast to the cities farther east.

Goodyear, AZ Real Estate

The Goodyear, AZ real estate gives its residents access to some of the finest aspects of the West Valley. In addition to the ease with which residents access the rest of the valley and the beautiful surroundings, Goodyear is home to a number of things to experience within its own borders.

For example, those residents who enjoy spending time outdoors can often start within the borders of their own communities with neighborhood parks, playgrounds, and sometimes even golf courses. A number of the city’s most popular courses are incorporated into communities, including the Tuscany Falls Golf Course and the Eagle’s Nest Golf Course.

Those who want more adventure injected into their time under the sun often head toward the mountains. The Estrella Mountains range does more than lend a beautiful backdrop to the city. It also serves as a venue for hikers, mountain bikers, and sightseers of every stripe.

Sports fans also have plenty to enjoy about life in Goodyear. The city is home to the Goodyear Ballpark, which hosts MLB Cactus League games every spring. In addition, the University of Phoenix Stadium and the Jobing.com Arena both lie nearby.

Cultural attractions are also plentiful in the city, ranging from events held by the West Valley Arts Council to destinations such as the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium.